The Study
05:22:2024 - Second Post

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about this. I'm not exactly sure how I want to continue, but there's a few ideas buzzing in my brain. Stay tuned.

07:31:2023 - First Post

What did I mean for this speck of the internet to be? Who am I? What am I doing?

I confess many things must remain shrouded in mystery for the average reader. My anonymity and privacy are prized possessions that I am not willing to give away at the moment. The last time happy birthday was sung to me at a restaurant I cried and couldn’t eat the cake. Admittedly, that was many years ago, but the sentiment remains.

I’ve tried blogs on various formats, Wordpress, Substack, even But nothing seemed to satisfy the ideas I had burning in my brain. The first was too fussy, the second too uniform, the third… well, like the first little pig, my house of straw fell quickly down.

I had originally desired something easy, that someone else would have done all of the complicated bits of website building and bundled them up in a nice, neat package for me. But after over a year of starting online projects only to grow bored and abandon them, I realized that this was what was keeping me back from achieving what I desired.

Coding html and css can be daunting at first to the beginner. One glance at a notepad crammed with gibberish and symbols could send many people out of their chairs and rolling around the floor. But it’s quite easy and there are plenty of resources to help guide you along the way. Building my own website from the ground up was what I needed to ignite my creativity. There’s something special about creating something, bones, flesh, and flourishes, all by oneself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to my little corner of the internet. Feel free to come by again anytime to see what new things I’ve added.